Hair Extension FAQ’s

What do they cost? 

  • Hand-tied avg total: $1,200

    • Day of booking deposit ranges from: $500 - $800

    • Day of service pricing ranges from: $250 - $750

  • Tape-in avg total: $900

    • Day of booking deposit ranges from: $320 - $475

    • Day of service pricing ranges from: $340 - $425

*Prices vary as they depend on your desired length/ thickness of desired hair, current hair and lifestyle. You will need to come in for a consultation to get the exact cost.


How often will I need to get them moved up? 

Re-sew or re-tape is every 6-10 weeks.


Are hand-tied or tape-in extensions the best option for me? 

  • Hand-tied extension hair can last up to a year if they are taken care of correctly.

  • With tape-ins you will need to get new hair about every 3rd time you need a move up/re-tape.

  • With hand-tied’s you can wear hair up in a high pony or a bun.

  • Tape-ins you can only wear low pony or else tape shows.

  • Hand-tieds are more full, provide full head of hair and fill in everywhere and add more volume and length .

  • Tape-ins are more purposeful for filling in more sprace parts of the hair.


Do extensions damage hair? 

Anything that is not naturally a part of you or does not naturally grow from your head can be somewhat damaging. However, the hand-tied extensions are the best option with minimal to no damage as they are not using adhesive to stick to the hair. 


What should I expect in the consultation?

  • We will talk about what you currently have and what your hair goals are-- length/thickness wise.

  • We will discuss how you take care of your hair currently so we can assess what type of extension would work best for their lifestyle.

  • We will then do a color match. 

  • You will pay a deposit in salon or at the time of booking your service appointment. That will secure your appointment and order the hair.

  • Next we will book the service appointment.

What is included the day of service of getting extensions?

Cut/blending your extensions in with your hair is included. Any color services will be an additional cost. With all hand-tied new extension clients a SWAG BAG is included as well. This includes shampoo, conditioner, an extension brush and hair serum.

Should I wash my hair before getting extensions? 

Yes, you should come in on the day of installation with clean dry hair. 


What hair do you use? 

Aqua and Bombshell extensions are our main squeeze.


DOs / DON’Ts: 

  • Brush hair thoroughly multiple times a day.

  • Always keep a firm grip on the base of the extensions when brushing so it does not pull unnecessarily.

  • Brush wefts individually.

  • Do not wash every day and never use conditioner at your root. This causes extensions to slide down your hair.

  • Liberally apply Oil/Serum morning and nights.

  • Wear your hair in a tight pony at the lake/beach.

  • Before any physical activity (pool, beach, gym, biking, etc.) secure hair well in a braid or under a cap. Make sure to wash hair soon after to remove any chemicals, sweat or residue.

  • Never sleep on wet hair, this will cause tangling and matting. (We also recommend using a silk pillowcase.)

  • Schedule all your re-sews ahead of time so you don’t end up going too long and damaging your hair.