Krystal Cox and Krysten Tarnuzzer began their friendship many years prior to working along side of one another, in which it was an immediate connection. After years of working in separate salons they started working along side one another in a well known salon located in Kennesaw, Ga. Krystal and Krysten always took pride in confiding in one another to further their knowledge and craft. They have traveled and taken many education classes together over the years and are excited for many more. Krystal and Krysten have both had a huge dream and vision and with both being extremely hard working and driven, they knew this was the perfect partnership to begin the movement of The Hair Bar. 

"We couldn't have done this without each other, she is the ying to my yang!"

Krystal and Krysten have the perfect balance to make sure all basis are covered. 

"We may sometimes have different ideas or visions but that's what makes this partnership beautiful and what will help us continue to grow to be our absolute best!"

But ultimately they have the same goal, which is to create a beautiful, comfortable and inviting salon with highly trained and talented stylists. They also believe in creating a salon in which their clients AND their staff feel at home.

"Our stylists are our family! We are a team and we all value teamwork. When we are happy, so are the clients who come in and visit us, which is our ultimate goal!"